Goodness – Gracious – GOALS! Week 1

I'm participating in “Music Success in 9 Weeks”, through the Songwriter's Association of Canada. Week 1 is writing down your goals. As I was getting going, I stopped and realized how much I have actually accomplished. (Acknowledging accomplishments is also part of goal setting.) 

I work out 4x a week, gig a minimum of 2x per month, write one new song a month, recorded TWO albums last year and am generally so darn busy my friends complain they haven't seen me in weeks! (Yes, seeing friends is on my goal list). I actually patted myself on the back ... then, of course, I got out my pen and paper to start anew.

I made the initial 'goal-list' a few days ago, then topped it off this morning with a few newbies. Then I put the pen down so I could head off for some fun and come back later to review with fresh eyes. I was due to join some friends at the Vancouver Curling rink to watch gay curling. Yes, it's as fun as it sounds.

When I arrived at the rink's viewing area, my friends were two deep into their Corona's and nacho's. I opted for water... I had more work to do yet! They asked how my day was going and I told them I was participating in a goal setting challenge. They quipped – 'Babe, you're a little late for New Year's Resolution's'. Indeed :)

So – here are the Big 10 Goals for my music career in 2012. If you want to know my life goals... that will involve a glass of wine...


  1. Double my social media stats – Facebook Page Likes, Twitter followers. Get to 1000 each.

  2. Sell 1000 digital downloads/CD's of 2012 Album release 'Shimmer' (Shameless plug – CD Release March 8th at Joe's Apartment in Vancouver)

  3. Have 100 YouTube videos for my audience's viewing pleasure with annotations etc.

  4. Get 10 Album reviews

  5. Do something creative outside of music – write and perform a one woman Fringe play

  6. Build a following outside of Vancouver through touring/house concerts in BC and Alberta.

  7. Take one day off a week to chill out – a complete sanity keeping measure

  8. Perform at a new festival

  9. Get a film and tv placement

  10. Get help – an intern  .... submit your application NOW


Well, that's alot. It's all do-able though. Particularly on the days when I feel fierce. Today, however , is my day off – so I'll be chilling, eating chocolate, watching movies and resting – so I can start fresh and fully rested on Monday. Until next week.


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