I am what I am - now brand it. Week 2

Here is my elevator pitch - my 15 second pitch that describes my 'music'.


"Amber etched alt-country by a guitar and mandolin wielding songstress who's silken vocals would sip tea along side Bonnie Raitt, kd land and Roseanne Cash."


What do you think?  (Comment below please)


I'm in week two of Ariel Hyatt's Music Success in 9 Weeks challenge.  This week is branding.  And of course, I had some thoughts about that.

For a long time, I was making art – songwriting, and getting tons of comments, letting other people define who I was or trying to make art that repeated anything I got positive feedback on. Let's just say it didn't always serve me. It sent me down many a road, tangents really. I tried blues – I wrote so many songs in key of E, indie pop – I never had the right wardrobe, rock – burnt out my voice, hard rock – that lasted about a minute, dance stuff.... me and my drunken Garage Band episodes are private!

Like most young artists, I just really wanted everyone to like what I was making. The irony is that only a small fraction of folks are actually going to like what I'm doing. In all likelihood, there will be a small group who really like it and a larger group who think it's good, but would never 'buy' it. Then a bigger group who says 'its not my thing'.

Whether it was low self-esteem or my strong desire to do well musically, all I can say is... I am what I am. I am a songwriter who takes pride in writing well written tunes. I'm female and like adult contemporary and folk and alternative country. I listen to Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, kd lang, Madison Violet, Roseanne Cash, Alison Krauss, Joan Osborne.....and that's what I write!!  And my most frequent feedback... my voice.  I can sing.


I loaded up the pitch wizard below... and here I am.