A Contant State of (Web) Improvement. Week 3

 People ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I'm a musician/singer-songwriter. Some think that's cool, some look at me strange, some think I'm a pot smoking, quasi hippie (fyi - I'm not).  The first questions always include, 'what kind of music do you play?', and 'what instruments?'. All fair and good questions really. That's where this Songwriters Association of Canada song challenge has been great. I have been using my elevator pitch nonstop 'Classy alternative-country, steeped like imported tea in kd lang, Bonnie Raitt and Roseanne Cash'... I play acoustic guitar, Gibson SJ200 and a mandolin by the way.


But the questions tend to stop after that. No one knows what to ask and I don't know say much... I'm a humble Canadian of course. I'm sure people have many assumptions, but I assume it's a far reach from their investment banker/accountant lives, so they are stumped. I may get a couple 'where do you play' questions, but it really stops after that.


Many folks don't realize to the extent I am a small business person. Sometimes I don't even realize! I pay my musician taxes, gig, book, tour, record, hire designer and band guys, publicist etc. And... I design and run my own website. Lots really when you think about it.


And really, I've been looking after my own website for ages. 10 years probably. It's certainly grown with me as an artist as well. I've hired web designers and paid thousands, learned (or tried) to learn Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage back in the day, and wordpress and tumblr. Now I use squarespace and have to say, it's great. Along with twitter, myspace, soundcloud, Facebook, onepage, sonicbids, reverbnation, on and on and on.


But like all things, isn't it really about the content? I'm guessing yes right?!? So I strive to make sure my biography, photos, search features all my life easy=peasy on my website.  Also, I need easy so I don't spend all my time on the keyboard instead of the guitar!  After all, that's all you really can do right, makes things easy.. and fun?! Oh yes, and write good music!