Give yourself creativity credit

One of my favourite books is 'Women who run with the wolves'... Guys hang in there :)

I try to give it a quick read before I fall asleep, as a way to calm my ever-active brain.

One of its key 'thoughts', I guess you'd call it, is creativity. How women have to trudge our own difficult paths to reclaim it or give it back the confidence and attention it deserves.

I meet people all the time who think I'm lucky to be creative, and I do feel very fortunate. However, they also imply that they are not creative and I always disagree with them. Each and every one of us has creativity. Yet it looks different in everyone.

I admire mom's who can whip up amazing dinner's on a budget. My friends with beautifully decorated homes, people who can grow gardens or macgyver something to make it work. Now that's creative.

Life tends to reflect what we put energy , time and money into. My personal theory, anyway. So I'm betting you do more daily, in a creative way than you give yourself credit for... And if not. Well you know what you gotta do!