With a little help from my friends. Week 8


It's a funny thing building a career as an artist, a career of any kind, a life really... is all built on who you know. But it's not just acquaintances, it's friends and recommendations from friends of friends. 

My friend Mark called me up to make an album. His called his friend Cody to engineer. My drummer Niko who referred other guitar and bass players to perform, all are friends, with good reputations. My friends, who invited their friends to my CD release. My friend Michael who donated his living room to host my house concert... and my fan friends, who brought their friends to my show.

I appreciate anyone who comes to my shows based on their friends recommendations. It's trust isn't it.

One little thing, based on another little thing and on and on.

So in case I haven't had a chance to thank you personally. THANK YOU.

If you've told a friend about my music, double, double thank you.   

It was my friends who have asked me for private house concerts, it was my friends who gave me feedback on my new tshirts designs and who ultimately bought the tshirts!  So many folks have started as fans and became friends.  It was friends who referred me to perform at wine festivals... you get the idea.  So, I'm putting it out like I do in my newsletters... let me know if you'd like me to perform at a private function for you :) It would be an honour.