Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, on my way!

Well, it seems whenever I have to get up at 5am, I have a tough time sleeping the night prior. Tossing and turning, fighting with people in my head until 1am so that the crickets ring tone at 5am waking me sounds quite unfriendly.

Since I've done the traveling bit fairly regularly now, I'm all prepacked down to my outfit and how I'm going to get my suitcase, two backpacks, guitar and mandolin down the three flights to the front door.

After the normal strange looks from the cab driver, we're off.

Kudos to West Jet for the excellent mobile online check in system. I do wait until I arrive at the terminal for baggage check. With my particulars, there are always specifics.

Well, WJ let's me gate check my guitar, bring on my mandolin and small back pack so the suitcase full of showcase room treats and big clothing back pack go under the plane.

Oh yes, I've packed my Tassimo machine along with cappuccino's, latte's, hot chocolate and tea's to attract and retain audience members to my private showcase room 'La La Land'. I hope that coffee along with some chocolates treats will keep bums in seats to watch myself and my lovely friends perform.

The neat part of the folk community is the Maple post message board. I saw a post for taxi share's so I'll be meeting Amy Thiessen in the Toronto airport to for the first time, to share a ride to the Delta Meadowvale. For that matter, I also met my roommate Emma Cloney 'online'. It's great to split costs and make new friends.

So there's update one. I'll post more photos later and try to find an interesting story or two to share from the OCFF adventure.