Letting People in through Social Media. Week 4

Hey Folks, here is a little my week 4 submission for my Songwriter's Association of Canada's 'Music Success in 9 Weeks', social media challenge!


Social media....

I'm a reluctant social media person. That is for sure. I realize the importance of it, yet dislike the fact that I have to do it. I have moments where I enjoy sharing whatever is blathering through my otherwise occupied mind, but mostly, I'm a private person and I like staying in my own little world.  Not to mention, I'm super busy.

A friend recently told me she works in a building where a company has started up to teach kids how to be social... because they spend so much time on the internet and social media sites, but cannot do the real life, face to face stuff. 


But yet, with all the indy, DIY music sites out there... they all say you have to blog, and do all other sorts of social media on top of practising and creating. It's amazing we get it all done. But is the social media, the self promotion going to be the thing that separates those who do and don't want success? Being a humble Canadian, we are not always out there, showing off so to speak, so it's taken another life of its own.

So here I am, sitting in my hotel room, at the desk,.... alone... and blogging to be social - I think that's kind of funny.

I recently had someone tell me that by looking at my site, they couldn't tell anything about me. No transparency. I've been hiding from the outside, from the public, for ages. When in actuality, I'm hiding from my crazy mother and my bully boss. Weird hey... I wonder if they are reading this... (ok, yes, a little bit paranoid)

But that limits my ability to be completely honest in blogs and in my life etc...

So, I've come to the point where – Life is about letting people in... in the little ways that you can. So here goes.


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