Camaraderie, connections and personal relationships

I've heard the words 'personal relationship', so many times this month... so many times.  I think that's it in life isn't it.  We can Facebook and Twitter until our hearts are contented, but still, it's seeing and meeting someone face to face that makes all the difference.  Lindsay May at Motown Meltdown 2012


Hanging out backstage last night at the Commodore for Motown Meltdown is a wonderful example.  Connecting, talking about what everyone is working on, giving each other tips, insights, ideas... all while zipping up dresses, tucking in tags and fixing lipstick and hair.  I gotta say, it was great.  Some fantastic people out there.  

The nice part is, of course, the work.  Keeping at it.  That for me is what's important.  I need to keep working, keep working.  Singing, gigging.

Another cool thing that happened last night is I got to hand my new album to two of my songwriting mentors.  Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes.  That felt amazing.  Now I just hope that like it!