Kerrville New Folk Festival - I'm a Finalist

What do Lucinda Williams, Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, David Wilcox, Jonathan Byrd, Steve Earle and Hal Ketchum have in common with me?

They were all chosen as Finalists and/or Award Winners at  GRASSY HILL KERRVILLE NEW FOLK FESTIVAL.


Each year the festival takes 800 applicants, maximum, and chooses 32 finalists.  I can now count myself in that lovely list.  

I submitted two songs, 'Nashville', and 'Spinning 45's'.... and promptly forgot about it!  It's been a busy few months with the album release, publicity and say the least.  

Well, there I was yesterday, taking a day off and doing one of my last remaining hobbies - skiing - and as I was cruising down the Blackcomb Glacier my phone starts beeping away...

I was receiving text messages from my songwriting community of friends back in Kelowna BC, several of whom have attended as finalists.  Needless to say, there was some excitement.

It feels great to be honoured as a finalist for something I care about so deeply, songwriting.  In fact, I have a tough time listening to BAD songwriting!  I doubt I'll hear much of that in Texas at the end of May.

Wish me luck folks, though even now, the bragging rights are amazing.

Off to Texas I go I go :)