Rest is a blessing... an incredibly difficult requirement

I have been going... and going... and going.... for more than a year.  A very successful, wonderful year that was full of good, hard and fulfilling experiences.

And now I am home with acres of Facebook friends to catch up with and even real life friends.  So there's been alot of picking up the phone to catch up and several misses in communication.  *Sigh*

So much has happened I forget all my stories!  Thank goodness for my road blogs :)


But now that I'm home, the strangest thing has happened; I'm coccooning.  Hiding.  Resting :)  All the memories I haven't had time to process are flowing back.  Things I haven't thought about in a year, 6 months or even the last month are popping into my head while I'm walking the seawall or putting my head on the pillow.  Perhaps it's that I never had time for them months ago and now they are finally showing up to be processed.  That's what it feels like anyway.  

And the songs... oh my creative mind keeps flowing.  Now that I'm home with all my home recording tools, I'm ever off on tangents.  Yes, my last album was alt-country, but I am a singer-songwriter at heart and often remain acoustic in my writing.  Genre-less.  It's freeing really.

I've decided to give myself the summer.  Instead of being locked in a dark room in front of computer screens, flanked by outboard studio gear and guitars - I'm going to find some sun, some grass and the Pacific.

But alas, ever heard a freight train stop?  The squealing brakes?  That desire to get up and keep working, pushing, is still in me and I'm looking at it and saying 'see you in the fall'.  So yes, I'll follow the muse when she comes to call, but if it takes me a day or two to respond to your email.... perhaps I'm sipping rose near a beach. Don't worry, I'll be right back ... with a great tan.