Chill time

drive drive drive

it's no surprise to me that I wrote a song about driving. Actually several of them. I've always liked to drive but somehow driving in snowstorms or icy winter changes the appeal.

to be fair I still don't mind the drive. I like the alone time. I like listening to my downloaded audiobooks mostly fiction these days. John Grisham all the way. Or going back into the 80s music that I love. Foreigner, Peter Gabriel,  Phil Collins and Genesis. And now driving an all-wheel-drive vehicle with great snow tires does not give me overconfidence, rather it just keeps me safe and on the road. I still slow down in crappy conditions.

I do like the adventure aspect of traveling. You forget that there's so many different regions in this enormous country of ours. Different cultural things. And an incredible addiction to Tim Hortons. 

mostly it means that when I finally stop I need to really stop. I need to go for a walk or not talk to anyone or chill out somehow for at least an hour. 

actually, yoga has been awesome for me. I picked an Eko travel may from REI. Love it. It's under 2lbs and fits in my rolling travel bag. 

This morning- before my New Years/wedding gig tonight, I'm chilling out, drinking too much coffee and taking a break. In the quiet...  Warm.... Debating if I should go out in the -20 degrees....  Nah. Maybe I'll wait. 


Merry ho ho and happy new year everyone.  

Talk to to you next year!!!