North American Folk Alliance - Lindsay May in 'La La Land'

Well, another North American Folk Alliance has come and gone in chilly Toronto Ontario.  It's a 5 day extravaganza of fun, music and more music.  Expect and get no sleep, an earful from the moment you wake up, after your afternoon nap, until you fall back into bed in the wee hours.
The official showcases are amazing.  A time to see who the up and comers, and famous folk stars are in North American.  And, the conference panels throughout the day are also fantastic.  A great way to connect with industry players, meet other artists and learn, learn, learn.
And after the office showcases are over, the private showcases begin from 10:30pm until 3am.  I wanted as many performance opportunities as possible so I decided to run my own showcase room and share it with other artists.  
Running my own showcase room is fun.  It's a wonderful way to connect with other artists and presenters.  We had a ton of visitors as you can see from my photo album on my photos page.  I run my Tassimo coffee machine... to keep everyone alive, alert awake and enthusiastic until the wee hours.  Well, that and chocolate to share.  Can't make it without that!
The name of our private showcase room is 'La La Land'.  The name idea came to me quickly.... I'm a singer of course.  The running joke was the room looked like prom or the theme from Under the Sea.  Whatever it looked like, it had to be appealing to the eye and easy to get in a suitcase!  I was successful on all counts.  
Our schedule included performance by myself, (of course), along with 
I was chosen 'Best of the Fest', by James Gee.  He has a website in Toronto called a 'View from the Corner Stool'.  He is a big supporter of live music.  Check him out here:
This is the video he shot of me during the festival.