Favorite new artist... Lindi Ortega

I have been listening... Alot... To Lindi Ortega's latest album 'Cigarettes & Truckstops'... I liked it so much it sent me into her previous work 'Little Red Boots'.

I love listening to amazing albums. Whole bodies of work that I like! Not to mention the songwriting. Wow.

I love listening to albums and going... I want my next record to sound like that!

As a producer and a songwriter I'm listening with different ears to different things. Instrument choices, levels, when parts are introduced and taken out.... And of course songwriting.

I've heard so much of both good and bad production and songwriting, that I look for some sort of middle ground that is both acceptable to me and I hope that will be publicly pleasing.

So when I listen over and over to 'Little Red Boots', and I hear it get better time and time again... I'm impressed!

Take a listen. I'm telling my friends. Will you?