Rolling Stones Top 10 Songwriter List

Every once in awhile you see something online that makes you think. In my case when I see something about songwriters, I have to check it out.

Particularly since I have spent my entire life studying songwriters and listening to music as both a songwriter and a music lover.

Top 10 lists like the Rolling Stones one noted below are great because they are both correct, subjective and a reflection of the commercial sales history of our culture. Not to mention Rolling Stone's literary/musical focus angle...

Do I agree with this? Well yes of course. I'm a fan of every songwriter on this list. Sadly they haven't picked anyone who's been active in the last decade - which is interesting.

But really there's so many people who could've been in this top 10 list. It's always disappointing to see only one female though... So I guess I better hurry up and do what I can to change that!

Instead of picking Lennon and McCartney as individuals and as a group - I would have assigned them once and added Gillian Welch, Jann Arden, Matraca Berg, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks or k.d. Lang. And that's just off the top of my head. For guys, what about Don Henley or anyone in the country world for example?!?

Yes, my list is all the ladies I admire. And yes being female may affect that, just as the guy making up this list probably prefers guys... As suggested by his list.

I'm just glad for all the fans of songwriters getting everyone thinking about all the great songwriters out there. Everyone wins!

Who would you pick? Thoughts?