Gillian Welch - everything is free now

I have an entire iTunes playlist dedicated entirely to Gillian Welch. It's under my singer-songwriter subheading of alt-country ladies. My hometown, so to speak.

I'm certainly a fan of hers... Like so many you!

Over long periods of listening its certain songs that stick out with me more than others.

'Everything is free now' is one of those songs.

I can identify partly with her feeling that people no longer pay for things like music, but the song has so much more to it.

I find myself singing along to the melody as though its a lullaby. Go figure, given its a mild protest song.

The thing about so many musicians, hobbyists and professionals, is that we play and enjoy music because we love it.

We would all love to make a living out of it, some even do... But we certainly have to be more creative these days. Given, like Gillian said, 'Everything is free now'.

Check it out here and tell me what you think.