A song for spring for you - 'Sing til it's Spring'

It's been a long winter and I guess it's finally having an impact because I wrote a song about wanting spring to hurry up and get here already!  Anyone else (not in Vancouver) feel the same???

In honour of the first day of spring, here is a link to download a song I wrote just for you.  Free of course


Winter touring sure is an adventure and I guess it's finally showing up in my creative work :). (Silly high pitched creative, crazy laugh)


This recording adventure started a month or so ago when I saw a post on Maple post from Shari Ulrich, mentioning that her daughter, Julia Graff, was looking for musicians to record for her final year of her Masters in Music Recording at McGill University in Montreal.

Well, one email led to another and I was up at 6 am yesterday (the morning after my Montreal gig) to take the Metro to McGill for a four hour recording session.  Let's just say that was the earliest I've been up in awhile!  Julia and James (the other student engineer) are super talented up and coming engineers and producers.   I would love to work with them again. They made me sound good!

These are first or second takes, running the song straight thru, no punch edits or auto tune...  That's what being on the road does for you... You get tight as a player and vocalist.  This is all me. Actually, I had a few extra ideas coming home after the session.  Sigh... Too late. Next time!!!

So listen, comment and.... Tell me what you think!!!

Here's what we did!   Download it HERE.


Its a song I started writing in Toronto about 10 days ago... And decided to finish and record.... Yesterday!  Just in time for the first day of spring today. 

Enjoy!!!  Feel free to share.....







Julia and James

I've done some page edits because I posted this blog very tired and slightly hungover on the first day of spring after too much fun in Montreal :). Corrections done.