Quickie ten day tour


Quickie... ten days :)

Touring is an adventure.  

Yup, after being on the road a total of 3 months, now I think going out for ten days as a quickie!

First, let's talk about my tour.  Everyone keeps asking, 'how was it?'.  And the answer is: fun, lots of work, fantastic new people and adventure.  Want to know anything else?  I'll need you to be more specific.  It was a whirlwind!

I visited NYC on a Sunday and saw the entire city for under $100.  Walked in Washington Park, grabbed a smoothie in Times Square, saw Strawberry Fields in Central Park and saw live music in the Village.  I drove in, parked and came back to my car exactly how I left it.  What a city.  

Then I did a quick tour of Boston, left Boston on a Tuesday afternoon and made it back home by the weekend.  An astounding amount of driving.  I had to do yoga for days to reset my back.  I don't know how truckers do it.  

I did learn that McDonald's have decent iced coffee's and side salads.  A great $3 spend, along with wifi access.  I never thought I would say that about McDonald's.

But alas, I have pulled out my trusty rolling duffle bag and travel yoga mat for another set of shows in Alberta and Northern BC.  Several shows were me being asked back or, even better, getting referrals so venues were requesting yours truly.

All I can say is THANK YOU.  To everyone who passed my name along, came to see shows or told friends about me.  It's an honour to perform for you.

So.... here's my NEXT adventure... with my summer tires on! Hahahaha.

05/14 - Wine Oh's Calgary with Amy Thiessen
05/16 - Alta Vita, High River with Jodi Doidge
05/17 - Airdrie, AB.  
05/20 - Chetwynd House Concert with Matt Patershuk
05/21 - Crooked Creek Opera House with Matt Patershuk
05/22 - Escape Wine Bar, Grand Prairie with Matt Patershuk
05/24 - Fort St John, TBA

drive home.... thank goodness for audio books.








Washington park. NYC. 






Times Square 


a loooong drive


astounding landscape


glad I'm not this guy