Germany Tour Recap - They liked me!!!

Wow, what an eventful fall it has been.  I had a great tour of Germany.  Including some lovely shows and even lovelier reviews... check these out from some house concert hosts:

November, 2015 - "Lindsay has a truly great voice which is a perfect fit for the bluesy songs she performed for us, especially during the 2nd set of her show. In the end, the audience didn't want to let her go and asked for several encores. On top, she is a communicative person which makes it easy to have her around."
(C. Piesgrandes)

November, 2015 - "Lindsay is a charming and heart-winning singer, changing the colours of her voice a lot and thus creating an intense atmosphere. Especially her blues driven songs are very touching. Poeple loved her voice and her funny way of entertaining. She is such a nice person to have around, we all enjoyed her company so much we almost wouldn't let her go!"
(A. Paluch)

May, 2015 - "Lindsey gets 4 E's! Entertaining, engaging, energetic, and expressive. A thoroughly enjoyed show from start to finish. Great songs and variety mixed with personal stories had the audience entranced."
(J. Braymen)

There are some photos below of me slogging all my equipment solo, my train schedule, the boys from American Aquarium (I opened for them) and me with some house concert hosts.  We had a great time.  They asked me back... booking into 2017 now. 

I saw windmills, the Dutch mountains (clouds), I visited Check Point Charlie and saw the last standing pieces of the Berlin wall. I managed to parallel park next to a canal and NOT fall in when getting out of my car..

I slept in spare rooms, attics, lofts, couches, airBnb rooms, cots and airplanes.  I came home and slept for 3 days! Kidding.  It was a great experience and I definitely can't wait to go back. 

I was able to live out of one carry on sized back pack for a month!  People say it isn't possible... but oh oh it is :)  Check out or for more info. 


Tschuss!  That's bye in Germany.  Thank you Duolingo app!