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Bronze & Blue - Lindsay May

by Lindsay May

Lindsay May ( )

Bronze And Blue
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Bronze and Blue, the debut album of Lindsay May, is a solid first step into what will no doubt be a lengthy and productive music career. With her unique phrasing and distinctive smoky tone, she doesn’t emulate any singer of today.  Lindsay is one of a kind.
All of the songs save one were written by May.  They deal mostly with relationships - messy and otherwise - as well as introspective peeks at life.  While the songs are generally strong and polished, some of them sound like they haven’t quite matured yet. “I Spy” and the title track “Bronze and Blue” feel like there is a bit of disconnect between the singer and the song.  It isn’t until the third track “Bittersweet” that you really feel the emotion of the song as Lindsay begins to unfold and stretch her great, 6 foot voice.  She continues gathering power with an unquenchable, heated vocal that leaves you aching, in “Irresistible You”.    On “Too Much” and “Hard To Break” we see an edgier, tougher side of her as she shoots out the lyrics and declares her strength.  While on “What I Am”, the only song she didn’t write, she delivers a toss of the head cheekiness.  The album is very well produced with an exceptional cast of supporting musical characters.
Lindsay May has only titillated the palate with Bronze and Blue.  Given time to flesh out and live the corners of life, she will be a noticeable force in the music community.   If what we hear in these songs is any indication of what is yet to come, then we are in for some serious ear candy.  Lindsay May is on a rising trajectory.

By Shelley Gummeson


Her debut full length album 'Bronze and Blue' (2008) with its retro sounds showcased her ability to marry blues and rock while keeping you swaying on the dance floor until dawn. Recorded in Kelowna with sound engineer Steve Todd (Sue Medley) and produced by Mike Ohman (Peter Mann and the Lonely) this cd features a stellar cast of players including Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Rod Stewart, John Fogerty) and Pat Steward (Bryan Adams, the Odds) on drums. 'Bronze and Blue' was nominated for 3 BC Interior Music Awards. Available on iTunes.