Hang Around - Lindsay May © 2008


Verse 1

I'm tired, I'm tired of moving around

I'm like fire, I'll eventually burn out

if you're looking for something fast, I'll have to pass

I don't have energy for that



I just want to hang around, run my hands through the tall grass

I just want to hang around, sit on the porch out back


Verse 2

And lately, lately it's the noise

got me complaining just like a good old boy

all I'm looking for is a little restraint

that's my kind of date

I like folks who behave





don't go questioning my right

we'll all want peace of mind

and lots of free time

keys to a better life


Verse 3

I'm looking, looking for a place

with lots of books and coffee stains

where I can watch the people move in their

three piece suits, guess who's got tattoo's