Tell Me Everything Lyrics


tell me everything in your heart

tell me tell me tell me and i'll guard you with my life



tell me everything that hurts

dry your eyes on the shoulder of my shirt



cause you know

one day you'll take one step

and it all will change, you'll be free



tell me every thing, x2



tell me everything that breaks

i'll make better your worst mistakes




Stick Around Lyrics

Stick Around - Lindsay May © 2008



You send me up, then I roll back down, cause I'm still pretending that you'll Stick Around


Verse 1

Off in the distance, between hope and despair

there is a finish line, will you wait for me there


But not everything is turning out the way I thought it would be

every time I turn around it's like you're walking out on me

I don't think you'll ever give me what I need



Verse 2

I stay home waiting for days at a time

dreaming up ways, to make you come to me tonight


Maybe I should find a lover who will do what he says

so I don't stay home stranded waiting just holdign my breath

i'm living with the feeling i will only ever be your second best

still i stay just taking what I can get



Spinning 45's Lyrics

Lindsay May - Spinning 45's



seventeen best friend home alone weekend cracked the liquor cabinet's secret

headed to the basement found the record player thought of the friends that we'd invite later


that was the first of many nights.... we spent



spining 45's motown, aretha franklin

spinning 45's coltrane, jackson five

drop the needle down, looking for the sound of something that we like

spinning 45's, (spinning 45's)



then i went to college all the right parties found myself digging in all the right closet's

pulling out the vinyl, stacking it high, finding someone cute to stand beside

so we could watch the sun rise, while we were


Chorus 2

spinning 45's joan jett, carly simon

spinning 45 led zeppelin, three dog night

drop the needle down, looking for the sound of something that we like

spinning 45's, spinning 45's



i got music in my soul, i swear it keeps me whole

and if this life will let me, i'll play it again tomorrow



now we all day got day jobs, mortgages, in-laws, try to find time when we can all sneak off

coffee table dining, appies and red wine, catching up with friend on friday nights

nothing brings us back to life, like when we're



Chorus 3

spinning 45's stevie wonder, earth wind fire

spinning 45's beach boys and patsy cline

drop the needle down, looking for the sound of something that we like

when we're spinning 45's

Shimmer Lyrics

Shimmer – Lindsay May © 2010



Verse 1

There's something in the way you smile, you touch you tease it gets me high

reminds me i still hold a little fire

and making up is making sense your salty skin like licorice

when you're around, i become a light



oh you make me shimmer

oh Shimmer

won't you Shimmer your way over here to me


Verse 2

I'm going over every thought of why we ever called this off

and all i got are fuzzy memories

of you and me intensity like rolling electricity

i wanna be wherever you will be





maybe it's my mission

just to let you

shimmer, shimmer



Run Away With Me Lyrics

I slide down my window, sink in my seat, if I'm lucky I'll get to speed

pick you up when you're done work, packed your bag, come on let's hurry



run away with me,

run away with me,

we'll drive until there's nothing in the rear view but the lights of the city

baby run away with me



only thing i've got on my mind

is you, me and too much wine

sun is setting and it makes my mood,

feel like our honeymoon





it's a jungle out's a jungle in here...

and if we slow down    it'll be for souvenirs......



so run away with me

we'll drive until there's nothing in the rear view

but a whole new bunch of memories

because i found a really fun place, where we could get crazy

so run away with me

run a-way with me, run away with me

Over and Over lyrics


i need a fix, an overhaul

so i don't keep on going back every time he calls

and says i'm a pretty thing        i need what he says

but like that a drug that runs out i get weak and need him again


i do this


over and over and over and over again            x2



god help the girl, who lives with him

she must be broken not to know where i fit in

or maybe she does, and follows him out

so she can see with her own two eyes what he lies about


she does this




all three of us looking for love, but none of us wants to give up

the corner piece of the puzzle, that will never be enough

Not Gonna Fade Away Lyrics

Too many years of heart ache and bad luck.  

Had me feeling drained, hopeless and so stuck.  

When i finally stepped back, i thought,

i can do better than that.  



I'm not gonna fade away, give in easy

strong willed and here to stay

i'm not gonna fade away

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh   not gonna fade away

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh   not gonna fade away


i'm getting better with life's ups and life's downs,

otherwise life would be boring and burned out

try to learn from mistakes,     i make,

might get it right one of these days


cause i'm ... not gonna fade away




look at all the little things they all add up,    to big things, bad things where  i get hung up

time for new, time for fresh, time to start         again....



Verse 1
I’ve got my guitar
I’ve written 20 songs so far and
All I can think about is Nashville


I’m selling cars and making friends

spending my nights rhyming things

but all the boys say I'm betting long


So I take all my penny jars

and pack the back of this beater car

And drive myself all.. night

I’ve only got the weekend but it’s

Somewhere I must begin

so tonight I drive to Nashville


Verse 2

I think of how i got my start

standing up in country bars

to ask the band if I could sing along

they would take one look at me say

honey you're a little green

I'd smile and start to sing a song


then the drummer started up

the band would follow just my luck

and at the end they'd ask what else I knew

they said my voice was might strong

and one day it might take me far

maybe all the way to Nashville




so I spend all my nights writing

it's the only time I felt right


Verse 3

Stop for a cup of tea as the

sun comes up on Tennessee

lose or win my road is crystal clear

I'm not the type for giving up

hard work and an ounce of luck

to fight the fear brewing up in me


take all my penny jars my

Gibson SJ guitar and

Patsy Cline's crazy

the little voice inside my head saying

giving up's no option so

tonight I drive to Nashville


tonight I drive to Nashville

It Ain't Easy Being Me

It Ain't Easy Being Me - Lindsay May © 2011


Verse 1

Just another day I have to get through

knowing I won't hear from you

I say what I need but you never come through

now it's me who must decide what to do



It ain't easy being me

It ain't easy being me

it ain't easy being me

cause I still love you


Verse 2

Just another bargain I know I'll make

say or do anything so you'll stay

it's probably my fault I can only love you in my way

I guess that's the price every deep roller pays





Take out my heart and throw it away

what good has it ever done me anyway



Hang Around Lyrics

Hang Around - Lindsay May © 2008


Verse 1

I'm tired, I'm tired of moving around

I'm like fire, I'll eventually burn out

if you're looking for something fast, I'll have to pass

I don't have energy for that



I just want to hang around, run my hands through the tall grass

I just want to hang around, sit on the porch out back


Verse 2

And lately, lately it's the noise

got me complaining just like a good old boy

all I'm looking for is a little restraint

that's my kind of date

I like folks who behave





don't go questioning my right

we'll all want peace of mind

and lots of free time

keys to a better life


Verse 3

I'm looking, looking for a place

with lots of books and coffee stains

where I can watch the people move in their

three piece suits, guess who's got tattoo's



Girl with Grit Lyrics


i'm wondering if you've seen the grit yet

you treat me mean and think i'll forget)


do this, say that, act this way

dark words, agendas, your games

i'm wondering if you've seen my grit yet



so you can...


say what you want to say       say what you want to

say what you want to say     you'll never get to me that way



i'm not the girl who will just take it

I know your truth now I can't fake it/


you want me to explain

but all you do is blame

i'm not the girl who will just take it


CHORUS... different

cause i'm a girl with grit



say what you want

(it's a ) shame you speak your thoughts

(there's no) place for us to go from here



Ease My Mind Lyrics


i could use a tonic as    much as a change

cause the kind advice of strangers is starting to give way

now i'm more in favor of letting up than going in

there's nothing like a race that i don't wanna win    


and then there you    were




you look like the excuse something i could use to ease my mind

something like a prayer but the opposite i swear cause you're standing still in time

that's how, you ease my mind



i'm still getting used to letting comfort in

i relied on wine and television but even that wore thin

i ask for your opinions, you say it's not the truth

you try to get me settled down so i'll know just what to do


you stay by my side




all the books and magazine with self help gurus selling dreams

so i worry not, when life gets hot because you cool me down



Drive Lyrics

Drive - Lindsay May © 2010


Verse 1

You hold the map and I'll drive we'll get there by 7, dinnertime

can you just stop the talking, it's showing signs of fight, drive


I'm guessing bad directions or missing signs

phone won't work to call for help I'm not sure that I'd try

so find an old motel where we can stay the night, drive



I guess we'll get there when we get there baby

there's no need to hurry

we've got the mountain and the moon and the stars to drive, drive


Verse 2

we'll get up early beat the sunrise

get good directions in daylight

I'll get the coffee and then I'll let you drive, drive



Lie to You Lyrics

Lie to you © Lindsay May 2010


Verse 1:

I don't want to tell anybody anything

They can use against me later

I have a few things to hide

Like a worn out path

I've been walked for miles and miles

I've been the gossip that filled time


so I'm gonna


Lie to you for awhile

lie to you for awhile

cause the best kept secrets

have no eyes or ears, so i'm gonna

Lie to you for awhile


Verse 2:

I can see you've been drinking

but I think what scares me most

is you don't know how to hold your tongue

You can pour the gin

but you'll only get my body

for my mind that will never be enough


so I'm gonna




Maybe when I'm sleeping

I'll tell you all the secrets

I'm keeping from you tonight