Dark Matter beer. 5/5 Hoyne Brewing Victoria BC

So I know, I know, the whino has a beer posting... leave it in the comments.  Hey, it's summertime and sometimes you have to mix things up, right? 


Of course, on a hot summers day I want a beer. The usually question of mine is 'what dark beer do you have on tap?'  The answer is always 'Guinness'. And while I actually do enjoy the occasional Guinness, I often find it heavy. Too heavy. 


My preference has long been a dark ale. Lots of flavour and yet light enough to have two.  


That's where 'Dark Matter' comes in.   Cool graphics and a lovely, lovely dark malty colour.  Very mild on hops. 


So  for those of you needing to mix things up or hangs from Guinness, check this one out  its often available on tap at the trendiest of pubs :)


It's available at most BC liquor stores and often at the private liquor stores in 650ml bottles for between $6-$8.  

Ones enough for me  :)


HOYNE brewing  

Victoria BC