Verse 1
I’ve got my guitar
I’ve written 20 songs so far and
All I can think about is Nashville


I’m selling cars and making friends

spending my nights rhyming things

but all the boys say I'm betting long


So I take all my penny jars

and pack the back of this beater car

And drive myself all.. night

I’ve only got the weekend but it’s

Somewhere I must begin

so tonight I drive to Nashville


Verse 2

I think of how i got my start

standing up in country bars

to ask the band if I could sing along

they would take one look at me say

honey you're a little green

I'd smile and start to sing a song


then the drummer started up

the band would follow just my luck

and at the end they'd ask what else I knew

they said my voice was might strong

and one day it might take me far

maybe all the way to Nashville




so I spend all my nights writing

it's the only time I felt right


Verse 3

Stop for a cup of tea as the

sun comes up on Tennessee

lose or win my road is crystal clear

I'm not the type for giving up

hard work and an ounce of luck

to fight the fear brewing up in me


take all my penny jars my

Gibson SJ guitar and

Patsy Cline's crazy

the little voice inside my head saying

giving up's no option so

tonight I drive to Nashville


tonight I drive to Nashville