So, let's talks... why on earth would you listen to a singer-songwriter talk about her (muse... hm hmm)... red wine consumption.  Well, let's just say I know what I'm good at.   And hey, who couldn't use more recommendations right?

My goal is to root out the delicious Argentinian and Spanish wines between $15-$20 CAN... and taste away.  I'm often distracted by the likes of delicious California vintages and of course... my homeland... British Columbia, Canada.

I've often played wine festivals and wineries... (if you own a winery - I can work on trade!) and have spent years going to wine tastings and seminars.  It's so much fun to learn about wine.  I get invited to many a party because I bring the good stuff.


Plus, I figure if I'm going to drink anything other than coffee or water, I'm going to enjoy it. Also, I'm not much into drinking my calories from juice or blech... soda pop.  Although on a side note, I visited Central America and discovered that Coca-Cola there is made with real sugar and is amazing!

Yes, I'm open to suggestions... send them my way via the Contact page.