Girl with Grit album review

I don't subscribe to many magazines as I am a bit time crunched, however I do continue to receive one really cool Canadian magazine called Herizons. 

I received the spring issue several months ago and have read most of the articles inside.  So it was much to my surprise as I was flipping through the magazine a few days ago and noticed my own album being reviewed!

I had a big laugh at myself and then padded myself on the back as they gave me a pretty nice review. Please see below. 



Lindsay May’s new six-song EP, Girl With Grit, sounds like it could have been written by Kathleen Edwards if she’d started the day with a couple of pots of espresso. From the opening track, “Not Gonna Fade Away,” to the closer, “Tell Me Everything,” the production on Girl With Grit is pitch-perfect country. Often compared

to Lucinda Williams and Alison Krauss, May’s sound is clean and authentic.

Working beside co-producer Mark Gordon,  she has created an excellent showcase for her considerable talents as a singer-songwriter. Listening to Girl With Grit, it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t the result of some magic studio in Nashville.

Raised in the tiny town of Shuswap, B.C., May has been honing her craft for more than 10 years under the tute-
lage of such Canadian masters as Bill Henderson (Chilliwack) and Roy Forbes (Bim). She’s been a finalist for many prestigious songwriting awards, includ ing the new folk finalist for 2012 at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, a festival that’s all about songwriting.

What sets May apart from many of her contemporaries is the vividness of her lyrics. On “Run Away With Me” she tells her travelling companion, “We’ll drive until there’s nothing in the rear view but new memories.” What road tripper hasn’t had the experience of looking at the road behind and feeling the past slip away?

Fully half the songs on Girl With Grit could easily be singles—not too bad for a self-produced EP. Recommended