Van Westen - Vivre la Vie - 2012 100% Merlot

Happy Canada Day! Going local for this one :)


I'm a lover of all things Van Westen. Rob makes great wine.  

I've recently discovered that I love Merlot's. The simple, full flavoured, dryness and tannins.   There are berries, plums and greens with some depth that keeps it right on the mouth. 

I'm a big fan of their Voluptuous as well. 67% Merlot and  33% Cab Franc. So I thought I would have them both side by side. The Voluptuous is one of my first pours. I share this with friends and continuously get a wow... 

But when I want a glass of wine, and I don't want to share, I pull this one out.  

It's an amazing amount of delicious flavours wrapped up in a perfect delicate mix.  

Buy this one and don't share. :)